Logitech Corded Computer Mouse M100

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Logitech Corded Computer Mouse M100

Designed ergonomically, the Logitech Corded Mouse M100 lets you work comfortably at your computer. With its ambidextrous design, it can be used by both right- and left-handed users. The wired optical mouse has a simple design that makes it easy to use. Setting up this mouse is straightforward, all you have to do is simply plug it into the USB port of a computer. The Logitech Mouse M100 features high-definition optical tracking that provides accurate control and makes object selection easy. This model also offers side-to-side scrolling that makes navigation between spreadsheets and scrolling through documents effortless. The multi-function scroll wheel makes the corded mouse more convenient to use, and the black color allows it to match most modern keyboards. It also provides responsive, smooth cursor control and precise tracking for easy text selection.

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